Personal Power: How to become more confident.

Personal Power: How to become more confident.

Nobody is confident all the time. It is absolutely natural to have self doubts.

But those doubts should hold us back. That is why I help people find their personal power. So they can become more confident in the fact that they can make the life they dream  of. If you are interested in  becoming more  confident, check out the link below the video.

Confidence is something we don’t have without working for it. In this video, you will learn how to find it.

3 steps to become more confident

I think having confidence is having a good relationship with yourself and actually trusting yourself. So in  my opinion, there are 3 steps toward real self-confidence are:

1. Knowing who you are
So in order to have a good relationship with yourself, you need to know who you are.  Like n every other relationship, it is the first step to build trust. Getting to know yourself takes time to spend with yourself. Figuring out what you like and what you don’t. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Accepting yourself.
Like in the relationship with your partner, you have to accept the good with the bad, And this also counts for the relationship with yourself. For course this doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yourself. But you do have to actually like and even love who you are.

3. Make the commitment.
Do you have commitment issues? Bad luck. Because committing to yourself is absolutely necessary for having a good realtiuonshi0p  with yourself. Making sure you stay true to who you are in your daily decision-making process and making sure that you don’t step over your own lines, is key to having great self-confidence.

With these 3 steps, you are sure to have great self-confidence and be able to make the life you dream of. If you want to find your personal power and fulfil your full potential, Let me help you. See my 1 on 1 coaching packages.

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I always make sure my speeches are rewritten for the audience, so they can get the right experience. And my mission every time I speak is to leave the audience thinking, but mainly motivated and inspired.


I am a Personal Power & Potential Coach. This means that I work with you to find your inner power so you can fulfil your full potential. Because I believe that you have more potential than you realize. The potential to live the life you dream of.

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