Testimonial Joyce – 1 on 1 Phoenix Coaching

Testimonial Joyce – 1 on 1 Phoenix Coaching

After 6 years of therapy, I wanted to pick up my life again. Now 3-4 years later, I felt stuck and discovered I was still struggling with some little things. After 2 weeks feeling like this, the Phoenix project popped up and the timing couldn’t get any better.

Joyce came to me because she was feeling stuck. She was used to being a powerful pageant queen abroad, but at home she felt powerless. It was truly an honour to coach such a powerful and inspiring young women. And I fully believe she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. She followed my 1 on 1 phoenix coaching program for 3 months. This is her testimonial

It made me see who I was again and what potential I have inside me. It made me grow my mindset and in this program I learned a lot about the person I really am inside. And that I don’t have to be afraid to be her. I always looked up to the pageant queen version of me, the woman I saw on stage. Iris made me see I AM THAT WOMAN ALL THE TIME.

We also discovered what I really want in life. And in this Phoenix project I started studying again for my dream job. I finally can see a future now, and I am loving the view


Read Joyce her full testimonial below.

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Joyce Muller - 1 on 1 Phoenix Coaching

What was your general experience in my coaching program (on a scale from 1 being hated it, to 10 absolutely loved it. )

What did you think of the price of the program?
Really fair price for what you get

Why did you decide to join my program? What was your struggle?
My struggle was that I felt stuck in life. That I needed more confidence to achieve my goals. Goals that I didn’t even have before this program. I looked up to the girl that I was on stage at pageants. Now I know I can be her all the time

What part of the program was most appealing to you?
I think to grow my mindset. And set goals.

Did you have any doubts beginning the program? And what made you decide to still go through with it?
I always have my doubts with everything I do. But I also believe that everything comes to me for a reason at the time I need it most

What in this program was the most value to you?
That you helped me realize who I am and what I want in life. I don’t feel stuck any more.

What action did you take as a result of this program? And what did it bring you?
I took a lot of action in many different ways. But my biggest action is that I applied for a new study, for a new job. I’m doing this for a months now. And it brought me a future that I first didn’t see

What was a direct result of this program on your life and yourself?
That you told me I looked and talked more confidently.

What did you think about the workbook? (from a scale of 1 being not helpful at all, and 10 being extremely helpful)

What did you like most out of the workbook? And what would you improve or ad?
That the questions/assignments were really good. They really made me think and made me have to be close to myself. I can’t think of anything to add or improve.

What did you think of our coaching sessions? (on a scale of 1 being not helpful at all, and 10 being extremely helpful)

What did you like most about our coaching session? And what would you improve?
I really liked how open and honest you were. It made me feel that I could be open and honest too. It made me open up so much more. And you’re a really good listener. I didn’t feel a lot when I told you my struggles

Would you recommend this program to anyone else? 
Yes, I would to all my friends!!

What did you think of the workload of the program and the frequency of sessions? 
Sometimes I thought the assignments were a lot. But it was just because I didn’t have the answers for myself yet. They really made you think and explore who you really are. But it was very doable over the month.

What was the biggest change in yourself or/and your life after following this program?
That I can see a future now, that I can see where I am going in live. And that I love that view

Is there anything else you want to say or any comment/ tip you want to leave?
I just want to thank you so much for coming in my life at the right time when I needed it the most.


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