Do you want to have more personal power?


Do you want to fulfil your full potential?


Do you want to become a Phoenix Person?

Personal Power & Potential Coaching

I help people find their personal power, so they can fulfil their full potential. Especially after trauma.


I work a lot with clients who have undergone trauma therapy or treatment and are now ready to go from a victim to a victor. I believe people who have undergone some headaches in life aren’t weaker for it,  but are actually capable of being more powerful than they ever were before.

I would love to help you feel this too.

I am a Personal Power & Potential Coach. This means that I work with you to find your inner power so you can fulfil your full potential. Because I believe that you have more potential than you realize. The potential to live the life you dream of.

We start with figuring out what your dream life looks like. We will start with the end goal in mind. Because when you don’t know where you are going, you might not like where you end up. Then we take a look at where your mindset stops you from achieving those goals. We can only go as far as our mindset goes, so it is important to become confident in ourselves and our abilities.

During the coaching sessions, we will work on your mindset as well as making clear steps towards your dream life. You will work with my formula made to find your Personal Power and Potential.  And you will get exercises chosen personal for you and your situation and ambitions.

We will meet once a month to discuss the progress and how you are doing. Real habits start to stick after one month. That is why our meetings will be once a month. But like I said making the life you dream of takes some work. So that is why after every meeting there will be some homework to keep your eye on your goals.

I believe you have more Power and Potential than you realize. So let’s get fired up to your Full Potential.

Amount of coaching places left:


What you get.

+ One on one coaching every month


+ You will work with a coaching formula based on finding your personal power and potential.


+ You will get a handbook filled with exercises to help you make the life you dream of.


+ Coaching designed on your own needs and challenges with personalized exercises.


+ You will design a clear vision for your dream life. And take clear steps toward that dream life.


+ design your own mind exercise plan to continue working on your mindset after your coaching.

Do you…

+ want to leave your past trauma’s and heartaches in the past and start moving forward?


+ want to be the best version of yourself, but feel like your mindset is holding you back?


+ want to feel more confident in yourself and your ability?


+ want to live your dreams, but don’t know how to get there?

The Phoenix Formula

During the coaching, we will work with my formula made for you to find your Personal Power and  Potential. Like the quote by Mary Engelbreit (famous artist), I believe happiness comes when you: Heal the past, Live the present and Dream the future. In my coaching, we focus on the present and the future. We will make sure that in the present you will find your flame and love who you are by working on your confidence and mindset. And we will get you fired up to your full potential so your future is your dream life.

Other Phoenix People

Choose your favourite package

Firestarter: This package is for people who want to make the first steps to having more power to fulfil their full potential. Because of the short amount of time, we will mainly discuss the handbook for the Phoenix formula, so you have all the knowledge to move forward yourself. We will find your personal power, but then you must take the steps to your dream life yourself.

Flame: In this package, we will disgust the Phoenix formula in more depth and there will be more place for personalized help. More long term changes will be made and more goals will be achieved. 

Roaring Fire: This is for real permanent change. If you want to live the life you dream of, this is the package for you.

In your FREE Personal Power Call we, of course, can figure out with package is best for you.

All prices are exclusive of taxes. Prices can be changed because of taxes, added value or other circumstances. The prices here above are always correct and the current prices.

One session

After you have completed your coaching package, you can book a single coaching session. To keep up with your process. But this can only be done after completing. You can book as many sessions as you want.

Cost: €125,- excl. (per session)

Just get in touch to book a session


After completing, you get a discount of 20% for some order coaching programs. This is because you already have the workbook. The products you get discount for are:

  • any of the online Courses
  • the Personal Power Bootcamp
  • Or you can book a 1 on 1 coaching package again.

Ready to get fired up?

Do you want to find your personal power? Find out what I can do for you in just 30 min.