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    I am always open to collaborations and meeting new people. So don’t feel shy to ask me anything. If you want to hire me as a coach, speaker or for any other services or products see the buttons below.

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    I speak about my personal experience with depression and sexual abuse, but also about personal power and mindset. And i have two workshops you can hire me for. Want to hire me for your next event?  Get more info and a contact form here.



    I believe you have more potential than you realize. I want to help you get fired up to your full potential. Check out my other services like the online courses, workshops, events, and the bootcamp.

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    I love to help you get fired up to your full potential by coaching you with my own Phoenix Formula. Do you want me to be your coach? Get more info and a contact form here.


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    The Phoenix People Project

    The Phoenix People Project is a documentary series about people who have gone through trauma but found their inner flame and are now inspiring, helping and motivating other people to do the same. People who have gone from Victim to Victor.

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