Find your Personal Power back in 1 Month.

Personal Power Bootcamp

– Do you want to work on yourself in a powerful and supportive group?
– Do you want to not be held back by the setbacks in life?
– Do you want to live your highest potential?
– Do you want to feel confident and feel proud of who you are?

I help people find their personal power, so they can fulfil their full potential. Especially after trauma.

In this Bootcamp I will help you find your personal power and learn how we can use it to fulfil your full potential. We will take a look at your confidence level, we will make a routine, so you can get into the right mindset, we will make you a dream vision to work for, take steps toward that vision and take a look at how you can stay motivated. And all of this in just one month. And more importantly, with a group of peers. So you can start living in your personal power together. 

In this Bootcamp you will take steps toward a more powerful you with information and exercises within the handbook, informational video’s, an active community of phoenix people that you will stay a part of even after the Bootcamp. And of course, group coaching, which will take place every week online.

I believe you have more Power and Potential than you realize. So let’s get fired up to your Full Potential.

The next Bootcamp will start in …

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What you get.

+ On Friday, you will get a video explaining the exercises for that week.


+ On Monday, you will get an online group coaching session. Starting with a session to get to know each other.


+ You will work with a coaching formula based on finding your personal power and potential.


+ You will get a handbook filled with exercises to help you make the life you dream of.


+ You will design a clear vision for your dream life. And take clear steps toward that dream life.


+ Design your own mind exercise plan to continue working on your mindset after your coaching.

The Program

In this Bootcamp we will work with the Phoenix Formula and go through my whole coaching formula and handbook in just 1 month. Normally I will work with coaching clients and this formula for at least 3 months. So I am not going to lie, It is going to take some hard work. 


Before we will start with our group sessions, you will get the Phoenix formula handbook and the 1st of 4 videos with the explanations for that week. Also, you will get an invitation to the phoenix people Bootcamp group.


Friday: Video 1: Work on a dream vision
Video one will be about your potential and what your dream life vision is. After the theory and assignments in this video, you will surely have them. You can watch the video, but don’t worry about the assignments because we will first discuss them on Monday.



Monday: Online Group Session 1: introduction
We will start the Bootcamp with an introduction round on Monday evening. Here you will get to meet the powerful and supportive community of phoenix people who will also follow the Bootcamp and the ones who have come before you. Usually, the Bootcamp group will contain out of 5 to 10 people.  In this group coaching session, we will disgust the previous send video and if all the theory and assignments are clear. You will have until next Monday to work on them.


Friday: video 2: Become a goal-getter
Now that you know what you want, and you have an end vision in mind, it is important to take clear steps toward that goal. That is what will discuss in this video. How to know what to do and how to stay motivated. 



Monday: Online Group session 2
In this session, we will take a look at all your life visions. What is it that you would want if there were no limits? You will help each other each week in taking steps toward that vision and believing more and more that you have the power to do so. Also, we will discuss the information and assignments for the coming week.


Friday: video 3: Self-confidence
In this video, we will start to look inward even more. You can find your personal power without knowing yourself. This week, you will learn what it takes to become self-confident and find your personal power.



Monday:  Online Group session 3
In this session, we will take a look at The actions you have taken toward your life vision and what you are going to do for the next two weeks. What are the micro-goals that you plan to do, and are you facing any difficulties? Also, we will take a look at the assignments and information for this week, all about personal power.


Friday: Video 4: How to have the right mindset?
In this video, we will go into limiting beliefs, your framework and how you can work on your own mindset. It is the last video you will get, but it is certainly one with the most information. 



Monday: Online Group session 3
In this session, we will discuss your experience with the personal power week and what you have learned about self-confidence. And of course, we will dive into the assignments and theory of the last Bootcamp week.


AFTER THE PROGRAM: final online group coaching

after the weeks of the Bootcamp I like to close off with the final group coaching session. In this session, we will discuss how the final assignments went and your overall experience in the program. Of course, you will be added to the Phoenix People Family group, with all people who have gone through the Bootcamp or 1 on 1 session. You will always be a part of this amazing and powerful community. 

I believe you have more Power and Potential than you realize. So let’s get fired up to your Full Potential.

Do you…

+ want to leave your past trauma’s and heartaches in the past and start moving forward?


+ want to be the best version of yourself, but feel like your mindset is holding you back?


+ want to feel more confident in yourself and your ability?


+ want to live your dreams, but don’t know how to get there?

The Phoenix Formula

During the coaching, we will work with my formula made for you to find your Personal Power and  Potential. Like the quote by Mary Engelbreit (famous artist), I believe happiness comes when you: Heal the past, Live the present and Dream the future. In my coaching, we focus on the present and the future. We will make sure that in the present you will find your flame and love who you are by working on your confidence and mindset. And we will get you fired up to your full potential so your future is your dream life.

Other Phoenix People

The next Power Bootcamp will be on…….

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Keep in mind that you need to keep the Monday evenings free. As we have group coaching from 21:00 till 22:30.


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Pilot Pricing

This Bootcamp is launching with a Pilot price of:


€250,-     €175,- excl.


Because it is the first trial of this Bootcamp the price is reduced. I have full faith in this program but would like the first version to tweak and improve.

The next Bootcamp will be at full price. 

Price needs to be paid upfront.

Bootcamp will only take place with enough applications.

Which is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people.

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