Phoenix People Monthly Motivation Meeting

This meeting is for you to get motivated for the new month ahead. We take a look at your personal power, your goals, and there is time to ask questions about situations you might need some help with. 

The idea of this event is, so you can meet other phoenix people just like you from all over the world, make friendships and help each other out. That is why the meeting will take place online. We are stronger together as a community, and I fully think that this community consist of very strong people. So let’s meet up

Every month there is a different theme. within this theme, you will get some exercises we will do together via a downloadable. You can think of things like personal power, confidence, self refection, experience more joy etc.

€10,- excl. (per meeting)

Meeting will be hosted Online

A monthly moment to catch up and get fired up

Here is what you get:

  • 1,5 hour meeting fellow phoenix people.

  • get motivated to stand in your personal power.

  • Check up with your goals.

  • A downloadable with exercises we will do together.

Phoenix People Monthly Motivation Meeting

 10,00 excl. Tax

 10,00 excl. Tax
 10,00 excl. Tax
 10,00 excl. Tax
 10,00 excl. Tax
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