Happy Clients

Find your Flame @ Minster International NL

When the world opened up again. So Came the change to organize events again. I was asked to give a workshop to a small group.  This was my workshop Find your Flame all about finding and using your Personal   Power.

Jun 2020

Virtually speaking about entrepreneurship @ Mr and Ms Campus in South- Africa

I had the honour the answer some questions for school children about entrepreneurship and especially entrepreneurship while you are still in school. Hope that I have inspired them.
You can find the full interview on the blog in the news listing.

April 2020

Speaking about depression @ Fontys

The University of Fontys asked me to hold a talk about how to combine school with a high demanding personal life. During a big time of my education I was depressed. I talked about depression, what my experience was and how it effected my school. But mainly I talked about how I found a way out of it.

Dec 2019

Find your Flame @ Miss Teen NL

Find your Flame is a workshop I created where you learn what confidence is, how to become more confident and how to represent that confidence in a way that fits you.
I got to test out this the preview of this workshop during a training session of the Miss Teen NL pageant. We started with an exercise because the models had been training for a long time. After that, we did some theory and exercises.

April 2019

Speaking about Personal Power @ Mister International NL

Last year I spoke to a group of young man from the Mister International Nl pageant. I spoke about my experience in the pageant industry and my experience as an entrepreneur. How do you profile yourself as a personal brand and professional. Which mistakes did I make and how can they not make them.

May 2019

Workshop Personal Power

To get some experience I started giving workshops about personal branding. In this workshop, I thought participants how to choose their own business values, mission and how to represent themselves on social media. The workshop ended with making a content schedule.
I gave this workshop to:
– Mister International NL
– Miss Limburg


Coaching @ SUTA in South Korea

In 2017, I was asked to coach a group of 35 girls, during their experience in the Miss Supertalent of the World pageant. This pageant was held in Seoul, South Korea and lasted about a month. I was asked to coach them in their confidence and representation skills. We did interviews, photoshoots, fashion shows and more. But what I mainly did during this time is to teach them how to cope with the stressful and competitive situation they were in.
I did this by asking them not to only focus on winning the pageant, but by formulation and working on a personal goal. Something that could help them in their personal growth. Like becoming more confident, learning how to make new friends or learning how to deal with stress. During my time there I also coached them in achieving that personal goal.

April 2017