We all go through your heartaches, But it is in how we react on those heartaches, where we find our Personal Power.


I believe people have more potential than they realize. I want to inspire and help people to become empowered to achieve this potential. I like to do this in the form of speaking on a stage. Because I think it is a strong medium to inspire and motivate people. There is something magical that happens in a room when they get sucked into a story. It makes people think about their own story.

I always make sure my speeches are rewritten for the audience, so they can get the right experience. And my mission every time I speak is to leave the audience thinking, but above all to motivate and inspire them to find their personal power and reach their full potential.

As a speaker, I get hired for events, seminars, by companies and more. Depending on duration, location, personalization and the subject of the speech, my rate is between €500,- and €1000,- (not including travel expenses.)

What I Speak About

I have a different subject I talk about. All come from my own personal experience and research. Of course, I can also customize a speech.

Motivational Speaking

I like to share tips from the expertise that I have gained through the experiences in my life, and studying topics such as: self-development, self-confidence, success and mindset. For example, how you can increase your self-confidence and deal with limiting thoughts, find your passion and set achievable goals. These are the subjects I talk about:

– Mindset
– Personal power
– Confidence
– Resillience

Experience Expert

I want to change the narrative we have of a victim or mentally ill person being weak. Surviving any trauma makes you strong, just for still being there. I want to do this my informing people about trauma and sexual abuse. And by motivating people that they are more than what they have been through. I speak about these subjects on commercial stages. But also for example for police, schools or other government companies to inform them and teach them how to support other victims. These are the subjects I talk about as an Experience Expert.

– Sexual abuse
– Depression
– Trauma

Workshop: Sexual assault, culture and support

A workshop meant for schools, health care organizations and government or other organizations. Given by a mother and daughter team.  A coach with personal experience dealing with sexual abuse and a psychiatric nurse with over 40 years of experience. Learn more about what happens psychologically after abuse, how to support survivors and create an open and safe business culture. And get points for your accreditation

Workshop: Represent your Personal Power

How you represent yourself makes a lot of a difference in how people around you view you. But did you know it also makes a difference in your own feeling of personal power? In this workshop, we take a look at your own unique personal power and how you can start to represent yourself with that in meetings, presentations and more. And yes, we are going to do a little catwalk.

What they say about me.

My mission when I speak is to leave the listener motivated and inspired to go out there and make the life they dream of.

Some examples

  • Why my depression the best thing is that ever happened to me.
    I was depressed at the age of 21. This because of multiple traumas. It was a difficult time when I lost my love for life and I isolated myself socially. But my depression is also one of the best things that happened to me because it made me stronger. I was forced to rebuild my life and find out who I was and what I wanted. The best thing about having almost nothing in your life is that you can build it up the way you want from scratch. I talk about the effects of depression, my experience, how I overcame it and what I learned from it.
  • How you can find your Personal Power and make the life you dream of.
    We all have an inner flame, our confidence and passion. I talk about how you can find and use this inner flame. I also tell about my own experiences in which I overcame my insecurity and found my passion. For example, I talk about the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and the effects of a good mentality and how you can get there.
  • Your life is made in your brain.
    Science had proven it. what happens inside your brain, impacts your experiences in your life. Your inner world makes your outer world. I speak about the science of the placebo effect, the locus of control and vibrations and how you can use it to work for you. I also discuss my own experiences with this, such as how I used it to become an international model.
  • How I regained my feminine power after sexual abuse.
    I was sexually abused at the age of 4. It strongly impacted me, especially at a later age. It made me very insecure and when I became sexually active I was afraid of my own feelings of lust. This had a big effect on my relationships and caused me to cross my boundaries several times. But by finding my own personal power I found my femininity and who I am as a woman. I speak about the impact of sexual abuse, my own experience and the way out of the trauma.
  • Why and how setbacks make you stronger.
    We all go through tough times in life, but with the right mindset and help, you can come out stronger than before. I tell you about my own experiences, experiences of other people and the benefits of resilience. For example, resilience makes you more self-confidence and gives you personal strength. I will tell you why and how this can be done.

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