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For everyone who experienced trauma in their lives, doesn’t want to feel ashamed and alone anymore. But want to celebrate the bad as they are.

I help people to find their Personal Power again

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* Personal Power and Potential Coach
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I am Iris Blue. I believe you have more power and potential than you realize. The potential to make your dream come true. But to realize that potential you need to find your personal power. That is why I am a personal power and potential coach and motivational speaker. I help people find their personal strength so that they can fulfil their full potential and live the life they dream of. I do this through various services. For example, I organize events and I speak at events that can inspire you, workshops so that you learn the right skills and 1 on 1 coaching so that you get all the tools you need. With my help, you will get fired up to your full potential.
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Be proud of what you have survived.

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The Phoenix People Project

The Phoenix People Project is a documentary series about people who have gone through trauma but found their inner flame and are now inspiring, helping and motivating other people to do the same. People who have gone from Victim to Victor.

The mission is to change the idea society has of a victim to a victor. Someone who has survived trauma is stronger for it. So people start to feel pride instead of shame and have the confidence to get the help they deserve.

Because society now tells us that our trauma makes us weaker. Therefore, we should be ashamed of what we have been through. Shame is one of the biggest factors in why a lot of people don’t receive the help they need to recover.

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This project would not be possible without the donations of kind people. We want to spread the message wide and far. That is way next to donating, you can help the project by sharing it with your friends and family. 

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I believe people have more potential than they realize. I want to inspire and help people to become empowered to achieve this potential. I like to do this in the form of speaking on a stage. Because I think it is a strong medium to inspire and motivate people. There is something magical that happens in a room when they get sucked into a story. It makes people think about their own story.

I speak about:

  • sexual abuse
  • depression
  • personal power and mindset

And of course, I speak about the phoenix people and this project. you can hire me as a speaker or for interviews. Please contact us if interested.

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Personal  Power & Potential Coaching

Do You Want To Feel Powerful And Live The Life You Dream Of? 

I am a Personal Power & Potential Coach. This means that I work with you to find your inner power so you can fulfil your full potential. Because I believe that you have more potential than you realize. The potential to live the life you dream of.

During the coaching sessions, we will work on your mindset as well as making clear steps towards your dream life. You will work with my formula made to find your Personal Power and Potential.  And you will get exercises chosen personal for you and your situation and ambitions.

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