I help people to find their Personal Power again after trauma.

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* Personal Power and Potential Coach
* Public Speaker
I am Iris Blue. I believe you have more power and potential than you realize. The potential to make your dream come true. But to realize that potential you need to find your personal power. That is why I am a personal power and potential coach and motivational speaker. I help people find their personal strength so that they can fulfil their full potential and live the life they dream of. I do this through various services. For example, I organize events and I speak at events that can inspire you, workshops so that you learn the right skills and 1 on 1 coaching so that you get all the tools you need. With my help, you will get fired up to your full potential.
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Public Speaking

I love speaking on stage for a group of people. Because I think it is a strong medium to inspire and motivate people. There is something magical that happens in a room when they get sucked into a story. It makes people think about their own story. My speaking subjects are:
  • Power & Potential
  • Victim to Victor
  • Mindset
I always make sure my speeches are rewritten for the audience, so they can get the right experience. And my mission every time I speak is to leave the audience thinking, but mainly motivated and inspired.
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Personal  Power & Potential Coaching

Do You Want To Feel Powerful And Live The Life You Dream Of? 
I am a Personal Power & Potential Coach. This means that I work with you to find your inner power so you can fulfil your full potential. Because I believe that you have more potential than you realize. The potential to live the life you dream of.
During the coaching sessions, we will work on your mindset as well as making clear steps towards your dream life. You will work with my formula made to find your Personal Power and Potential.  And you will get exercises chosen personal for you and your situation and ambitions.
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Get inspired

Every month I make a video with tips and tricks. All about personal power, mindset or potential. Want to get fired up; check it out now.
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